3 Takeaways from ICSC RECon from an Experienced Retail Broker

Vice President Jesse Paster (second from right) smiles with other NAI brokers at ICSC RECon in Las Vegas.

NAI Capital brokers networked with clients, exhibitors and fellow brokers at ICSC RECon. The annual event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where our brokers met up with representatives from brands, brokerages and vendors to meet, mingle and talk all things retail.

Vice President Jesse Paster of NAI Capital’s Encino office made his way out to ICSC RECon to take part in the event. He shared three takeaways from his experience.

  1. ICSC is the red carpet of retail brokerage.

    ICSC is the event of the year for retail brokers. It’s all about establishing a presence and being seen on the scene. Some real estate players held extravagant events, but Jesse says that is not necessary for success.

    “I hung out at the [NAI Global] booth for the cocktail reception but spent most of the time out meeting with people.”

  2. Make the most of your opportunities.

    Jesse uses ICSC primarily as a networking event.

    “I didn’t go to any of the lectures or speeches,” he said. “For me it’s a meeting venue.”

    The key to successfully navigating ICSC is establishing as many connections as possible. The challenge is taking advantage of a new acquaintance or an unexpected opportunity. Jesse focused on forging and maintaining relationships with his current clients as well as with fellow brokers and their clients.

  3. Come with a plan but stay flexible.

    As a tenant rep, Jesse made sure to meet with as many retail tenants as possible.

    “Tenants drive our business,” he said.

    He prepared for the event but had to make last minute adjustments to make the most of out of limited time.

    “I planned to spend one day in each of the halls, but I got 15,000 steps in each day running back and forth between the two halls to meet with everyone.”

Check out the gallery below to see our brokers in action at ICSC RECon 2019. If you’re looking for more information on retail market trends throughout Southern California, see our Research Page.